Redefining freedom

How good it feels, when we are set completely free to flee fulfilling our desires debarring all the constraints jumping up all the boundaries. Breathing up lively, rejuvenating our heart beats under the blue sky in soothing breezes feeling the every bit of morning freshness around the peaceful nature .All gifted to us as freedom.

Silver Jewellery

The realization of freedom for anyone and everyone is same. And more precious for those suffers the painful restraints. Freedom for a Bird without a cage, for a Kid to play without a fear of scolding momma, For man without a boss, in a male oriented country like India freedom for a women is even more and difficult to achieve stepping up for education, gaining right to enterprise, wearing the apparels and accessories of choice amongst the family and importantly right to be born in this world . The One who gains it knows how beautiful feeling it is to experience as its name.

But talking up for a country as a whole the goal of freedom is bigger, broader and braver. Protecting from attack of enemies keeping the public and property safe, strengthening the army and the weapons. Setting up democracy giving rights to live, to vote. Stopping up crimes, providing education to everyone and much more .Years of freedom have crossed from 1947 when India attained its independence after a long struggle of all the freedom fighters we got our motherland back but the journey is still going on its way to acquire the goal of real freedom in which Indians can dwell and prosper happily ever after.

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